Do you ever avoid having your picture taken because you feel embarrassed about your teeth? Many people struggle with feelings of insecurity regarding their teeth. And metal braces? They can draw unwanted attention to your teeth with all the wires and the brackets. Thankfully, there are other options for straightening teeth. Invisalign is a new and advanced clear aligner system that has helped move the teeth of millions of people. So what does it take to get Invisalign treatment?

All About Invisalign

Invisalign aligners are clear braces that are made out of clear plastic and custom made to fit each unique and complex case. If your dentist is Invisalign trained, you can get your teeth scanned in order to create a digital picture of your mouth and come up with the best treatment options for you.

Invisalign Timeline

The first step to take is to make an appointment with your dentist and get your teeth scanned. They will use the latest technology to digitally scan your teeth, and those scans will then be used to create a unique orthodontic treatment plan—just for you. Creating this digital image of your teeth will make it easier to design a series of custom aligners that can help you create the perfect smile. Designed Smiles even has an iTero Scanner® in their office that will scan their patients’ mouths and show them exactly how their Invisalign treatment will look.
You’ll need to switch out your aligners every one to two weeks for new ones. It’s also a great idea to visit with your dentist once every six to eight weeks. This will be to make sure your teeth are following their alignment plan and to give you your new set of aligners. The average Invisalign treatment lasts approximately one year, but it all depends on each individual person.

Invisalign Care

It’s important to remember that your aligners need to be taken care of, just like your natural teeth. Keep brushing and flossing your teeth and make sure to brush your aligners as well.

Payment Plan

If finances have you feeling stressed, then take heart because there are often monthly payment plans available. Ask your dentist what options are available for you.
A perfect smile is attainable with the Invisalign system. Just call your dentist and ask more about it today!

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